Additional Programs

Parent Night Out

Seasonal program that allows parents a few hours to enjoy a “night off.” Three hours of games, crafts, movies, and all the fun your child could imagine. Our Parent Night Out’s are designed for children ages 4-13 years old who want to have some good, safe, active fun with staff and fellow campers. For more information call our front desk 562-431-1102 or email us at

Open Floor

(ages 8 and up)

Non-instructional floor time designed for coed gymnast, tumblers, and or cheerleaders who want some independent floor time to perfect skills. Participants do not have to be enrolled to attend Open Floor but as always safety if our highest priority so please, ensure that your child understands that there is only supervision present not instruction.

Member Privates

This is a service designed to assist athletes in perfecting skills learned in their RUA classes. A coach of your choice will work with your athlete to “fine tune” their skills on all events to ensure their safety and usually a faster move up rate! For more information on a list of approved private lesson coaches, or a referral, please call our front desk 562-431-1102, or email us at

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