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Designed to enhance your child’s early motor development and coordination.


Parent/Guardian assisted class that combines gymnastics and exploration while introducing social cues in a semi-structured environment.

TOTnastics Program Details

Our TOTnastics program channels your small children’s infectious energy into exercises that strengthen their bodies and minds. It’s a great opportunity for parents to spend time with their children in a fun environment.

In today’s plugged-in world, it’s very important for a toddler to get regular exercise and time to socialize face-to-face with other kids. TOTnastics is a safe, engaging way to fulfill these needs and set the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits.

TOTnastics Classes

  • Ages 12-42 months
  • Coed
  • 50 minutes per class
  • 1 weekly class
  • Parent/guardian participation required.


Gymnastics helps kids build strong bones at a young age. Simple games and exercises will increase their overall body strength. Children will develop coordination and agility skills that will help them in all physical activity. Gymnastics also increases flexibility, which can prevent injury in the future.

Young children benefit from an activity that stimulates both sides of the brain. TOTnastics is designed to aid in the development of cognitive skills and spatial awareness.

But physical fitness is not the only advantage of gymnastics. This program gives kids a controlled environment in which they learn to listen, follow directions and adapt to new challenges. The enjoyable, rewarding lessons will boost their self esteem.

Also, they get a chance to build social skills amidst other kids their age. An upbeat atmosphere keeps everyone engaged and having a good time. Classes are not quiet stretching sessions. They are joyful explosions of song and dance. Creative interactive play is highly encouraged, ensuring that even the shy kids will come out of their shells and join the party. Your toddler will look forward to each class.

There are many activities tailor-made for young kids. But TOTnastics sets itself apart by providing all-around fitness in a fun package. Your child will begin to construct physical, mental, and social habits they will use later in life. TOTnastics is not merely a kid-friendly version of the beloved sport; it is an entry point to any activity or sport your kids pursue as they get older.

Rise Up Athletics Totnastics Program
Rise Up Athletics Totnastics Program
Rise Up Athletics Totnastics Program

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